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There is a quiet revolution going on over on the east coast, where the nation’s capitol and its surroundings are slowly but surely making their presence known on the musical map like never before. The DMV (that’s DC, Maryland and Virginia to the uninitiated) is a hotbed of talent at the moment, led not least through the 368 Music Group, and to our ears there are few with more talent to burn than the young DC lyricist and flow-master Phil Adé (that’s Adé pronounced as in Sadé by the way, not as in made, aid or sprayed). Adé has been quietly and confidently building up his reputation as an MC of the highest order with his buttery flows, intelligent and insightful lyricism, and a commitment to spitting on topics that make sense and resonate with people across the spectrum of just living, in the heart of the city and beyond.

At heart his music is about the commonality of experience and emotions, and while he can kick jams about the usual hip-hop references with ease, there is something about Adé’s focus and content that suggests clarity of mind, and a lyrical craftsmanship, that is already being hailed as something a little different. Special even. Regular followers of his #PhilAdeFridays will already be feeling smug at being in on the drop of his seemingly endless output, while his “A Different World” project looks set to up the trajectory of his emergence still further.

And all the while humble, learning, and simply trying to reach out with what he has to say, which is usually worth listening to. We put an accent on The Twelve-ay and asked Phil to parlay with us for a quick minute, to see a little of what makes that world such a different place,

1. Who's in the house?
Phil Adé. Maryland. The Royal Fam. 368 Music Group. Twelve Bar of course.


2. Can it be that it was all so simple then?
"Dedicated to the winners and losers" ... Yeah that’s a classic. Yeah life was a lot less complicated in high school on back. I thought once I got out of my parents home stuff would be a lot easier. Man was I wrong! It's all a good part of growing up though so it’s cool.


3. It ain't where you're from, it's...?
It’s definitely where your headed, but always remember where you came from. That keeps you grounded.


4. Give me the fortune, keep the fame?
Yeah I wish. In the business I'm in, you need the fame to get the fortune. The more people that know you and appreciate your work, the more money they'll be willing to spend to support you and get what you have to offer. But if I could have the fortune and not the fame I would definitely go for it.


5. After the show it's the after-party, and after the party it's the...?
"The hotel lobby and, after the Belve then it’s probably Cris, and after the original it's probably this! FIESTA!" lol... for me it's either sleep or the studio... but often occasions it's ihop with somebody's girlfriend then you know what. Lol.


6. It's quite okay for a gangster to wear sandals?
Yeah I guess... to take out the trash. Not to be out and about. Naw son


7. If I ruled the world?
The cost of living for the middle class would drop to a moderate price worldwide. That way we'd have a little more diversity in most neighborhoods. I think sometimes minorities are cheated out of living where they want to because they can't get the jobs they want. That would make it affordable to those people. Free healthcare too. Canada shouldn't be the only ones. Bastards.


8. Do you want more?
Of course, that's what life is about. Not being content with boring presumptions people make up about life. It's one thing to want more and another thing to be greedy though.


9. How does it feel?
It feels good to be me. A lot of people want to be able to do what I do and can't. So I'm blessed to be in this position.


10. What's next on the menu?
I would say next on the menu for me (figuratively speaking) is just finishing up this next project. I know it's going to be major for me this go around. A lot of people who are, I guess you could say "tastemakers" in popular culture, have been paying attention to what I've been doing recently with all the tours and with the music I've been dropping every week (#PhilAdeFriday).

My project 'A Different World' drops on July 12th and will feature songs with a lot of the people I've met and connected with along the way in my journey to success. It'll feature production from 9th Wonder, Bink, Mark Henry, Sunny Norway and a lot of surprise guest appearances with some guys that are making major noise in music right now.


11. Give me the reason to want you back?
I'm just a regular guy with a good heart who gets in trouble here and there. I'm like the guy in high school who was cool with everybody…the girls, the gangstas and the nerds too. You hear that in my music and you see it at my shows. I'm easy to connect with and easy to be yourself around.


12. Tell us why it's all love...
It's all love ‘cause I got nothing to be angry about. No matter what bad stuff people may say to try to discourage me, I still got a roof over my head and food in my fridge. I don't hate or hate on anyone. God has blessed me with life and I plan to live it having fun with the people that I love and that love me. Haters get over it.



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