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Overdoz Black
Overdoz BlackOverdoz Black
Overdoz Black
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It’s freaky. It’s blunnit heavy. It’s All Love…It’s the Rise of the DEST! To coincide with their first major headline show in their very own City of Angels we have gotten together with our favorite rap collective to help summon forth the rise of the DEST. We took the essence of the DEST, mixed it with a little Twelve Bar love, sprinkled in some space-dust and some of Cali’s finest homegrown, wrapped it up in a song-sheet of the finest warped hip-hop this side of Jupiter, and took a torch to it. The result is a tee that glows as brightly as a million blunts, and will blow your mind in just the same way. This is the age of the Overdoz takeover, a journey to inner and outer space via Blunnitville sound-tracked by the haziest, tightest, blissed out beats and dopest rhymes imaginable. Put on your seatbelts, it’s time for the Rise of the DEST.

PRICE: $30.00

Seems like good taste is catching on fast, the item you were after sold out quicker than a Twista verse on fast forward. We are sorry if that has hindered your quest to dress yourself in the flyest product available. However, you already know that there is plenty more where that came from, so keep browsing, and thanks for the support.

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