Twelve Bar Playlists
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01. LG Experience – Friends & Strangers
A nu-jazz working of Ronnie Law’s jazz great  ‘Friends & Strangers’, part of the brilliant 1996 release ‘The New Groove: The Blue Note Remix Project’.
02. Victor Davies – Brother (Sao Paulo Mix)
Londoner Victor Davies mixes Latin, soul, funk, jazz and acoustic aesthetics to create musical magic. Rarely recording anything that doesn’t sound great, this is amongst our favorites, just the most chilled groove from his self-titled 2001 debut on Jazzanova.
03. Angie Stone - Brotha
With a little help from Raphael Saadiq, Stone proves why ‘Mahogany Soul’ is up there with the finest neo-soul records.
04. Family Tree – Family Tree
If you can find anything out about this 1976 disco-tinged stormer then you are truly a crate-digger of the first order. With underground disco-diva Sharon Brown on vocals, this tune is a true hidden gem, and a vinyl junkie’s dream find.
05. Roy Ayers – Black Family

If you can find Roy Ayers’ ‘Drive’ LP grab it with both hands and anything else you can find to secure it. This afrobeat opener is just the start of his ground-breaking but slept on classic, which incudes templates for house music and techno. Seriously.
06. The Wild Tchoupitoulas – Hey Mama
More infectious New Orleans funk from the Neville Bros and Meters’ incredible self-titled album. We challenge you not to move to the Mardi Gras Indians.
07. The Jackson 5 – Mama's Pearl
1971 release was their fifth consecutive Top 5 hit straight out the blocks, a pop soul masterpiece showcasing MJ’s prodigious talents to the fullest.
08. Willie Hutch – Brother's Gonna Work It Out
You’ll know it from Dre’s ‘Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat’, but if there is one Blaxploitation soundtrack to check out in full it is Willie Hutch’s ‘The Mack’ from where this full version comes. Work it out, bro.
09. Ohio Players – Mother-In-Law
From 1969’s debut ‘Observations In Time’, The Ohio Players lay out the funk stall that they sold unforgettable grooves from for the next decade. The Players had just too much funk.
10. Mary J Blige – Family Affair
No more drama for Mary and Dr Dre, getting it crunk up in this dancery. No hateration or holleration allowed, obviously.
11. Weekender – Lost In The Loft

From the incomparable Barely Breaking Even labels ‘Soulsonic Vol 1’ collection, this is a compilation drawn from London’s legendary deep house night Soulsonic in the heart of Soho. Chock full of rare gems.
12. Spoonie Gee – The Godfather
As the man reputed to have coined the phrase ‘hip-hop’ itself it is difficult to challenge his role as godfather, but this tune adds further strength to his credentials. An old school classic cut. Marley Marl on the production killing it.

Good music is the driving force behind everything we do here at Twelve Bar.

That’s why we’ve been digging through the Twelve Bar vaults to pull out our favorite tunes for your browsing and
listening pleasure, and keeping our ears to the ground for what is fresh now and in the future. And then we’re putting
them altogether into a delicious musical gumbo and serving you a fresh bowlful of twelve select tracks every week.



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