Twelve Bar Playlists
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01. Young-Holt Unlimited – Hey Pancho
This funky three piece don’t get the props they deserve, but are always worth checking out. They are the musicians on Curtis’ ‘Superfly’ after all.
02. Mother Earth – Jesse

If you know anything about Acid Jazz you’ll know this classic, and this band who remain a relatively over-looked genius of British music. Like Curtis might have been after a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.
03. The Philadelphia Experiment – Grover

?uestlove’s 2001 side project, collabing with bassist Christian McBride and Uri Caine on keys, this whole album is a hidden great.
04. Willie Bobo – Lisa

Pure salsa swing from timbales master Bobo, straight out of Spanish Harlem.
05. Jackie Mittoo – Jackie’s Theme

Jackie Mittoo is a keyboard wizard, but also completely focal to Jamaican reggae and ska through his work at Studio One. Legendary doesn’t even come close.
06. Undisputed Truth – Brother Louie

Norman Whitfield’s experimental psychedelic outfit on Motown, this tune is just pure deep funk. Incredible.
07. The Commodores – Janet

From the post-Lionel ‘Nightshift’, this is pure 80s R’n’B bounce, with a slice of cheese.
08. Janelle Monae – Sincerely, Jane

From 2007’s incredible ‘Metropolis: Suite 1 (The Chase) and sampling Stevie’s ‘Superwoman’. Yes she is.
09. A Tribe Called Quest – Luck of Lucien

So much more than just a song title, Lucien Revolucien aka Papalu is a seminal French MC and producer. Did you know he produced ‘Ya Don’t Stop’ on The Beatnuts’ ‘Street Level’ amongst others.
10. Outkast – Rosa Parks

Lead off single from the incredible ‘Aquemini’, Outkast were entering that phase where they could do nothing wrong. Remind yourself how incredible the video was, bringing their pimping aesthetic in line with the outer space. Amazing.
11. Masta Ace – Dear Yvette

Despite his undoubted pedigree and certified place in hip-hop history, Ace somehow doesn’t get the props he deserves. ‘Disposable Arts’ was a great album and this tune, featuring Jane Doe, is an illustration of why. Still the Masta.
12. Mongo Santamaria – Ricky Tick

Cuban percussionist Ramon ‘Mongo’ Santamaria was perhaps the best Congo player the world has ever seen. Impossible not to move to this beat.

Good music is the driving force behind everything we do here at Twelve Bar.

That’s why we’ve been digging through the Twelve Bar vaults to pull out our favorite tunes for your browsing and
listening pleasure, and keeping our ears to the ground for what is fresh now and in the future. And then we’re putting
them altogether into a delicious musical gumbo and serving you a fresh bowlful of twelve select tracks every week.



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