Twelve Bar Playlists
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01. War - Get Down
SoCal’s War were simply one of the funkiest and most soulful groups of the late-1960s and 1970s, often mixing socio-political messages with the very funkiest of grooves. This cut is from 1971’s mighty ‘All Day Music’ LP.
02. Tycoon Tosh and Terminator Troops - Get Happy

You my not know of Tycoon Tosh, aka Toshio Nakanishi, but trust us when we tell you that here is one serious musical innovator. Here in his hip-hop guise with Major Force on Mo Wax, but also the first Japanese punk with seminal group the Plastics.
03. Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper [12_ Version]

From the incredible ‘Nightclubbing’ set, Jones plus Sly & Robbie create one of the filthiest and most funky tunes ever, here in
it’s full 12 inch glory, naturally.
04. Frankie Knuckles - Tears (club mix)

A house music classic that needs no introduction. So good it can literally bring tears to your eyes as well as your ears.
05. Young Disciples - Move On

For a time in London as the 1990s were born, Acid Jazz ruled, and no one ruled that scene more than the Young Disciples
and Talkin’ Loud Records. This cut is a prime example of why.
06. UMC - One To Grow On

Not to be confused with the Ultramagnetic MCs, the UMC’s were part of that early 1990s hip-hop scene with heavy jazz
references and fun to the fore. From LP ‘Fruits Of Nature’, this is a classic.
07. Aaliyah - Back And Forth

As a tune on its own it is pretty phenomenal, and then as a debut it is simply astonishing. The moment a true star was born.
08. Casey Veggies - Ridin' Roun Town

Fresh from ridin’ round your way on his massie US tour, Young Veggies shows us what’s really wavy on this stone cold LA
banger. Look like she from Rio, sweeter than Tampico.
09. A Tribe Called Quest - The Hop

‘Beat’s, Rhymes and Life’ is far from a perfect album, but still has some highlights on it, and we still love Phife’s verse here.
10. Thug Life - Pour Out A Little Liquor

We loved Tupac’s ‘Thug Life’ side-project, and none moreso than this heartfelt ode to fallen friends. Built around the
Honey Dripper’s classic ‘Impeach The President’, Pac shows that even his thugging comes with a heart.
11. Usher - You Make Me Wanna (Album Version)

Usher Terry Raymond IV breaks fully into the mainstream with a little help from Jermaine Dupri and LaFace records,
killing the flow on this monster. But it is his moves in the video that totally murdered the game.
12. Rebel Dance - When I call Your Name

Skanking monster of a tune. We have no idea who Rebel Dance were or are, but we love them for this love song of
incredible proportions.

Good music is the driving force behind everything we do here at Twelve Bar.

That’s why we’ve been digging through the Twelve Bar vaults to pull out our favorite tunes for your browsing and
listening pleasure, and keeping our ears to the ground for what is fresh now and in the future. And then we’re putting
them altogether into a delicious musical gumbo and serving you a fresh bowlful of twelve select tracks every week.



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