Twelve Bar Playlists
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01. Willie Hutch – I Can Sho' Give You Love
From 1977’s ‘Havin’ a House Party’, Hutch displays reason upon reason why he is simply one of the most under-rated soul men of that decade. TI used this on ‘Chooz U’. Good one to chooze.
02. Tupac – Do For Love
Originally due to be called ‘Sucka For Love’ Tupac brings his trademark almond butter flow over Bobby Caldwell’s ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ on this posthumously released classic.
03. David Joseph – You Can't Hide Your Love From Me
1983 post-disco stormer, sounding like a Parisian dance-off in a New York loft, fuelled by crystalised cherry smoothies.
04. The Whispers – It's A Love Thing
Formed in Watts, LA in the mid 1960s, The Whispers really came into their own when soul got drenched in disco glitz, and never fail to disappoint with their upbeat sheen.
05. Tony Toni Tone – Lovin’ You
From their last album, the predictably brilliant ‘House of Music’, the three Ts show why their neo-soul is amongst the finest the 90s had to offer. Saadiq is the key to this one though.
06. TLC – Diggin’ On You
Babyface laces the track with R’n’B magic and the biggest of all modern female trios melt hearts worldwide with their declarations of affection.
07. Mary J Blige – Love Is All We Need
The first single from Mary’s massive ‘Share My World’ set from 1997 features Nas on the breakdown, Jam & Lewis on the boards, Rick James on the sample and that voie from the undisputed queen. Massive.
08. Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love (Extended Mix)
You’ll most probably know this from Mariah’s ‘Fantasy’ but the original, in full 12” extended mix, is a work of early 80s pop brilliance. Irresistable.
09. Vikter Duplaix – Looking For Love
Duplaix never fails to impress with his smoothed out electronica soul, and here the Philly man fuzzes the hell out of some new wave honey, an instant classic.
10. Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love
Whitney’s incredible love song is almost dub for the R’n’B generation, epic and expansive, with Wyclef Jean providing the Caribbean backdrop.
11. Tom Clay – What The World Needs Now Is Love
Los Angeles DJ Tom Clay’s surprise 1971 hit version of David and Bacharach’s ode to love and humanity is a powerful piece of music, with Marvin Gaye’s ‘Abraham, Martin and John’ also adding to the mix of political poignancy.
12. Willie Hutch – Lucky To Be Loved By You
The fact that Hutch is on this playlist twice shows how amazing we think he is as a soul man, and while his soundtrack work is straight deep soulful excellence, here he just throws down a Northern Soul classic for the talc throwers.

Good music is the driving force behind everything we do here at Twelve Bar.

That’s why we’ve been digging through the Twelve Bar vaults to pull out our favorite tunes for your browsing and
listening pleasure, and keeping our ears to the ground for what is fresh now and in the future. And then we’re putting
them altogether into a delicious musical gumbo and serving you a fresh bowlful of twelve select tracks every week.



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