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01 The O’Jays – For The Love Of Money
The O’Jays on vocals, MFSB on instrumentation and Gamble & Huff on songwriting duties adds up to one of the greatest soul funk tunes of the 1970s.
02 Brand New Heavies and Grand Puba – Who Makes The Loot

If you go back over his catalog Grand Puba has given us some of the best verses of all time, but here his lazy drawl is perfectly matched to the heavy funk. ‘Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol.1’ remains one of out favorite albums ever.
03 A Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

Q-Tip shows just why he and the Tribe were a cut above all of their peers in the early 1990s, with crazed production backing up tales on the unlikeliest of road trips.
04 Snoop Dogg – Paper’d Up

Snoop takes on the ‘Paid In Full’ rhythm and funks it out with his west coast drawl and a fresh new plate of chicken wings.
05 Wu-Tang Clan – Loot (C.R.E.A.M remix)

Jazzy Jeff bravely tackles a classic Wu joint, twists it over Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Give Me Your Love’ and gives rise to some alternative brilliance. Smoothed out Shaolin Island.
06 Notorious BIG – Mo Money Mo Problems

Even Diddy brings his A-game to this mini posse cut, but really the song is all about the Diana Ross sample and Big’s verse displaying reason upon reason why he was the greatest.
07 Jermaine Dupri feat. Jay Z – Money Ain’t A Thang

Dupri nails the production, but Jigga man steals the show with the type of money-grabbing manifesto he built an empire on.
08 Common – Payback Is A Grandmother

Common’s rap sheet is long, diverse and never less than impressive. From his Soulquarian/Ummah period, with Dilla on production, here he spits tales of ghetto payback with buttery flows to go.
09 Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid

Of course I bought a quarter pound of bomb hemp feelin' a-ight like Johnny Kemp on a Friday night, lookin' right cuz' my shit is tight, blazin' blunts to city lights on Sunset and Crescent Heights. Pharcyde knew Johnny Kemp was the shit.
10 London Posse – Money Mad (Remix)

Pure fire in a roughneck style from British hip-hop legends. Simply two of our favorite Emcees of all time.
11 Slum Village – Get Dis Money

Classic era Slum Village, with a Herbie Hancock sample from ‘Come Running To Me’ Dilla creates a little slice of awesome.
12 Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

Over 25 years old and still the riff sounds fresh. An MTV anthem back when they played music videos and rock’n’roll stars got their money for nothing and chicks for free.

Good music is the driving force behind everything we do here at Twelve Bar.

That’s why we’ve been digging through the Twelve Bar vaults to pull out our favorite tunes for your browsing and
listening pleasure, and keeping our ears to the ground for what is fresh now and in the future. And then we’re putting
them altogether into a delicious musical gumbo and serving you a fresh bowlful of twelve select tracks every week.



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