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Life is like a box of chocolates, or so it has been said. But in the case of LA’s own Boogie Ambassador Dam-Funk (Dam, as in Dame Dash, or even our own Dame Cash, rhyming with lame, but never ever sounding like it), life is like a box of funky chocolate liqueurs, laced with the dirtiest, stankiest eighties electro soul bass-lines for fillings, and sprinkled with a dusting of other-worldliness. Heads lucky enough to reside in the City of Angels will no doubt be regulars of Dam’s weekly residency, taking punters steadily through the outer reaches of his funkmosphere. But for those not fortunate enough to dwell in the g-funk bosom, Stones Throw (of course) is an alternative and more readily available residence.

Dam Funk has been molding his distinctly unique take on the funk for years, a contemporary of Ice Cube, Dre and DJ Quik rather than younger cats. And a stalwart of the LA scene also, as producer, arranger, composer and performer, adding his box of synth tricks to a range of records you’ll already know and love. But it is only relatively recently that he has come through to present his own musical musings on debut record “Toeachizown”, and the result is simply breath-takingly good, as are the various selections to come from him since.

Many will have already followed DF’s progress, not least in his Rhythm Trax contribution to the brilliant Stones Throw compilation series (Vol 4 if you are asking). But now his funky vision is in full surround sound stereo, bursting forth like the rosiest-tinted vision of the past, wrapped up in a Linn drum machine and a motorcade of analog synth machines from the early 1980s, and presented in a bugged out mirage of magic. His instrumental odysseys are simply sensational, reflecting a life in the Californian sunshine beat-mining for the very best of G-Funk, P-Funk, electro boogie and funky soul and rock.

His knowledge is encyclopedic, from early Prince, George Clinton, Slave and Change, through to obscure B-sides and even early 1980s rock and metal. All tied together for the search for the elusive hidden funk chord, the funkiest chord ever played. Seriously, this is what he searches for. Dam-Funk’s are compositions to get lost in, sick constructions of beats that lazily dig into your psyche whilst simultaneously astounding your senses. It is sexy, alien, crunk-stepping boogie funk for the next millennium, let alone the next decade. The funk bar just went over the horizon, and Dam-Funk is leading the charge to get it back.

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Twelve Bar on June 21st 2011 in Music

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