It’s All Love Episode IX (Twelve Bar Summer Tees)

Earlier this week we released five new tees in our online store and over the past few days we have been inundated with emails asking us about the inspiration behind these designs. A couple of weeks ago we broke it down about the Rock & Roller Tee and now, due to popular demand, here’s a little story that must be told about the others.

First off there’s the Davis Tee which came about as a result of our love for the artwork on Betty Davis’ first album. We’ve always had a thing about the typography she used so we decided to re-appropriate it and release a branded tee to pay our respects.

Next up is the Twelve Sins Tee which is a cheeky homage to the genius of Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass Band. Don’t tell us you can resist a beautiful girl dipped in whipped cream on your chest this Summer as nothing could sum up the phrase It’s All Love much better than this image.

Having said that, the Sweet Back Tee also does a pretty good job at conveying the It’s All Love message that we carry throughout everything we do over here at Twelve Bar. A perfect female backside being cupped by a pair of hands to inadvertently create our “Heart” logo. We couldn’t have asked for much more with this design and it’s already almost sold out so, if you end up missing out on it, we may do a re-up later in the year.

Last but definitely not least, there’s the Napoli Tee and if you’re into high fashion you’ll know exactly where the inspiration for this design came from. Our logo tees always fly off the shelves and this is one of our personal favorites which will keep you looking fresh wherever you are this Summer.

We’re just getting started with some amazing new product so make sure you come clean.

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Twelve Bar on May 28th 2010 in Music

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