You never know Shy FX, man, big inna jungle

If you’re ever on the look out for the biggest drop in music history, you could do a lot worse than moving direct to one minute and four seconds of perhaps the most infectious ragga jungle tune of all times. You won’t be able to either stand still, or keep a massive grin off your face. It’s simply impossible. Jungle and drum’n’bass are of course renowned for their massive breaks, often centred around the Amen, but the tune in question here is Shy FX and UK Apache’s “Original Nuttah” and I defy anyone to quarrel with the conclusion drawn above.

Because whether or not you favour more underground sounds from these scenes, only ever flirted with the darker end of this dance music spectrum, or have no declared interest in it whatsoever, I would still say that this tune has blown you away at one stage or another. From the long-drawn out half toasted, half chanted intro, to the rave horns lighting up the backing track, from the very opening bar this record is massive. But at the afore-mentioned intro of the break, it moves into a rarefied realm of pure genius, and unleashed onto any dancefloor should bring about absolute mayhem and joy. It is immense, a pure ruffneck anthem that sounds as fresh today as it did on release fifteen years ago.

Incidentally how can it really be 15 years since this track blew-up? My aching bones will give me the answer to that question, but even now I can’t resist a pogo and quickstep to this baddest of the bad, a tune that typifies all there is to say about the distinct UK flavour of this hybrid style. Purists may be bigger fans of Shy FX’s earlier work, notably the Carnival slaying “Sound of the Beast” of a year earlier, or indeed his work since with T-Power or even wonderful production work with Dizzee Rascal on some of the latter’s recent offerings. But for sheer nostalgic joy there is little better than the original. Bad boys inna London. Quite.

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Its All Love on December 19th 2009 in Music

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